Regilene Oliveira

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This study evaluated, in vitro, the antimicrobial activity of the hexane extract (JCHE), methanol extract (JCME), and chloroform fraction (JCCF) of bark from Jacaranda cuspidifolia Mart. (Family Bignoniaceae), a Brazilian medicinal plant, traditionally used as anti-syphilis and anti-gonorrhea treatment. The antimicrobial activity was evaluated using the(More)
In this paper we obtain conditions on the coefficients of a cubic Lotka–Volterra system of the form _ x 1⁄4 xð2 a20x a11xy a02yÞ; _ y 1⁄4 yð 3þ b20x þ b11xyþ b02yÞ; ð1Þ which fulfillment yields the existence in a neighborhood of the origin of a first integral of the form /ðx; yÞ 1⁄4 x3y2 þ h:o:t:, in which case the origin is termed a 2 : 3 resonant center.(More)
K. Abdel Khalik M. L. Absy D. Albach B. Albert G. A. Allen N. Alvarez V. Angyalossy M. Appelhans J. Archibald H. Azizi W. Bai O. Barazani M. Barkworth B. Barringer A. Belyayev M. Bendiksby L. C. Bernacci F. Blattner A. Branca C. Bräuchler R. Briskine E. Brzosko W. Buck S. Buzato A. Caicedo L. Carretero S. Castro T. Çeter W. Cetzal-Ix M. Chacon S.-M. Chang(More)
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