Regielene Gonzales

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Collinsia verna, blue-eyed Mary, has floral attributes of an outcrossing species, yet most flowers readily self-pollinate under greenhouse conditions. Here we describe the mechanism of self-pollination in C. verna via changes in relative positions of the stigma and anthers and late timing of receptivity, resulting in delayed selfing. Each flower contains(More)
Using 5 wild-type strains of yeast, nonequivalence in the isolation of sterol mutants was observed. Experiments are described on the effects of sterol modifications on growth, physical and enzymic properties ofSaccharomyces cerevisiae andPhytophthora cactorum. Although discontinuities in Arrhenius kinetics were observed by fluorescence anisotropy and(More)
Interspecific interactions have long been assumed to play an important role in diversification. Mutualistic interactions, such as nursery pollination mutualisms, have been proposed as good candidates for diversification through co-speciation because of their intricate nature. However, little is known about how speciation and diversification proceeds in(More)
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