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In order to determine the role of Mycoplasma spp, Ureaplasma diversum and BHV-1 as causal agents of Granular Vulvovaginitis Syndrome in Nelore heifers raised under tropical conditions and based on(More)
The Girolando breed is used in pasture-based dairy production systems in Brazil to associate the high production of Bos taurus to the rusticity and thermal adaptation of Bos indicus. This study was(More)
Mammary neoplasias are common in canine females and carcinomas, among malignant types, occur frequently, especially solid form. At gross view, it can be small and incipient, but it’s invasive and(More)
Potential risk factors for Ureaplasma diversum in the vaginal mucus of 1,238 dairy cows were included in a multivariate logistic regression model, based on the cow level (i.e., granular(More)