Regiane Y. S. Kawasaki

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Despite the existence of a series of applications that demand high performance computing, there are two strong restrictions to the effective use of parallel computing applications: (1) the high costs in the environments of parallel computing (typically, clusters and parallel machines) and (2) the dedicated character of these architectures (fact that(More)
Parallel Computing has become a powerful tool to overcome certain types of computational problems in many areas such as engineering, especially due to the increasing diversity of platforms for execution of this type of application. The use of parallel computing over LANs and WANs is an alternative in the universe of dedicated environments (parallel machines(More)
The current paper addresses the problem of quality of service (QoS) provisioning in a general purpose operating system (GPOS), in this case GNU/Linux. Particularly, we propose to change the CPU allocation in that OS by reserving a percentage of a CPU capacity in order to ensure the QoS provisioning according to the QoS demand of each process. In order to(More)
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