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The biochemical response of the microorganisms Lipomyces starkeyi (Lod & Rij), Escherichia coli K-12 W3110, Bacillus subtilis 168 (Marburg) and Pseudomonas sp. strain TTO1 to the presence of growth-inhibitory concentrations of paraquat was studied. Paraquat was added to each culture at a concentration previously determined to reduce the culture growth rate(More)
The biodegradation of ring-14C- and methyl-14C-labeled paraquat by the soil yeast Lipomyces starkeyi was studied in vitro. It was found that the degradation of paraquat (acting as a sole source of culture nitrogen) resulted in the accumulation in the extracellular medium of radiolabeled acetic acid. The culture also evolved radiolabeled CO2. The results(More)
Presently, few of the reported (bio)chemical sensor devices have found application in fermentation monitoring and control. Although many devices with desirable selectivities have been reported, few have demonstrated reliability sufficient to encourage significant and widespread application. Chemical sensors (ion-selective electrodes, amperometric detectors,(More)
The application of photon correlation spectroscopy (PCS) to detect culture contamination in chemostats was studied. It was found that the presence of a given particle size in a population of particles of a different size could be detected, but this ability was strongly dependent on particles of a different size could be detected, but this ability was(More)
Une colonne immunoadsorbante d'ADN-cellulose contenu dans une matrice d'agar a servi à extraire d'une manière spécifique des anticorps sériques anti-ADN. Approximativement 70% des anticorps sériques anti-ADN ont été adsorbés durant une période de 8 h, avec une libération minime, par la colonne d'ADN marquée I125. Ces résultats permettent d'espérer une(More)
The dynamic light scattering technique of photon correlation spectroscopy has been used to determine biomacromolecule hydrodynamic radius in solutions flowing at rates similar to those experienced in liquid chromatographic separation systems. Such analyses can be performed rapidly (less than 5 s). The potential of the technique as an on-line noninvasive(More)
Removable Hawley orthodontic retainers have long been prescribed by clinicians following completion of active therapy. Only minor changes have occurred in the design of the retainer over the past 40 years. Structural, in-service failures of this appliance are typically: 1) permanent (inelastic) deformation of the as-prepared labial bow from masticatory(More)
Following a recent successful application of p.c.s. to liquid chromatography in the biotechnology industry, its usefulness as a contamination monitor in the fermentation industry was assessed. It was found that: (i) the intensity bias of the technique limits its uses to the detection of contaminants when they are larger than the host; (ii) the inherent(More)
Physico-chemical properties of recombinant desulphatohirudin expressed in yeast (CIBA GEIGY code No. CGP 39393) were reinvestigated. As previously reported for natural hirudin, the recombinant molecule exhibited abnormal behaviour by gel filtration with an apparent molecular weight greater than that based on the primary structure. However, molecular weight(More)