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This study was designed to determine the extent by which mild or moderate hyperthermia attenuates the triggering of malignant hypothermia (MH) induced by the combined administration of halothane and succinylcholine. Sixteen susceptible swine were initially anesthetized with nontriggering drugs and then either kept normothermic (approximately equal to 38(More)
The Augustine Guide (AG) allows oral endotracheal intubations to be performed blindly; head and neck manipulation are unnecessary. It is a premolded device designed to fit in a lock and key fashion in the glottis, thus serving as a guide to allow blind laryngeal insertion of an endotracheal tube. Intubation success rate with the AG was studied in 100 adults(More)
BACKGROUND Rejection remains a major obstacle to successful bowel transplantation in humans. It has been suggested that a simultaneous liver transplant would shield the bowel graft from immunologic attack, but the liver shortage would be aggravated. In a preclinical model, we studied the influence of simultaneous liver grafting by comparing the incidence of(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE To determine those infants at high risk for perioperative complications and mortality following living, related liver transplantation. DESIGN Retrospective chart review. SETTING Large metropolitan teaching hospital. MEASUREMENTS AND MAIN RESULTS The charts and anesthetic records of the 12 infants and children who received the left(More)
The charts and anesthetic records of 12 patients who donated the left lateral segment of their liver to a related infant or child to treat liver failure were retrospectively reviewed. Blood loss, need for transfusion, fluids administered, surgical length, and perioperative complications were investigated. The records also were examined to determine the(More)
The intra-operative differential diagnosis between thyroid crisis and malignant hyperthermia can be difficult. Also stress alone can trigger MH. The purposes of this study were: 1) to investigate the metabolic and hemodynamic differences between thyroid crisis and MH, 2) determine how thyroid crisis affects the development of MH, and 3) determine if the(More)
Successful tracheal intubation with Augustine Guide (Augustine Medical, Inc., Eden Prairie, MN) in patients with normal airways has recently been described. There are no studies describing Augustine Guide (AG) use in patients with difficult airways. Accordingly, we studied AG intubation in a population of patients with expected difficult airways due to(More)
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