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Adult vitelliform macular dystrophy was first described by Gass as giving rise to bilateral, round or oval, yellow, symmetrical, subretinal lesions typically one-third to one-half disc diameter in size. Although Gass proposed that this was an autosomal dominant disease, doubt has been expressed as to whether or not it is heritable. We investigated the(More)
We reviewed 204 cases of biopsy-proved sarcoidosis at our institution from 1967 through 1983 to determine the extent of this disease in our catchment area and the degree of awareness by the various medical specialties of sarcoid manifestations. The ophthalmology service was used as an example. Our results showed that there were familial clusters of sarcoid;(More)
In order to facilitate the detection of minor variations in cell-volume distribution, which may not be apparent on direct visual examination of the histogram, two indices were elaborated, macrocytic index and microcytic index. The macrocytic index was a ratio of the total numbers of the macrocytes to normocytes and the microcytic index the ratio of(More)
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