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Mitotane (o,p'-DDD) can be used for the treatment of various adrenocortical diseases such as Cushing's syndrome, but the usual doses of 6-8 g per day are often associated with severe adverse effects. This paper reports the results of much lower doses of o,p'-DDD (0.5-2 g per day) in two patients with Cushing's disease over periods of 8 and 5 years,(More)
A selective and sensitive method for the determination of nitroglycerin in human plasma is described. The drug and 1,3-dinitrobenzene as internal standard were extracted from plasma with n-hexane followed by a concentration step. A further cleaning of extract is not necessary. Measurements are made by GLC on a packed OV-17/QF-1 column using electron capture(More)
A method for the identification and determination of HCH-and DDT-isomers and their respective metabolites in vegetable drugs is presented. The plant material is extracted with hexane in a Soxhlet apparatus in the presence of silicagel and sodium sulfate. For removing interfering endogenous plant constituents a Celite oleum column cleanup and usually and(More)
The results of testing the persistency of Lindane and DDT in wild medicinal plants collected in a forest after application of bercema-Aero-Super are demonstrated. They illustrate, that after the application the herbs from the first year of vegetation will not meet the state quality requirements. An estimation is given about the toxicological relevance of(More)
The modulation of a feature across different strokes of a handwriting pattern can be considered as a signal. This signal can be estimated by stroke-wise averaging of the stroke features across a series of replications of a pattern. The patterns may need to be rescaled or normalized. The difference of each replication with respect to this average pattern can(More)