Reetta Riikonen

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Activation of androgen receptor (AR) is crucial for prostate cancer growth. Remarkably, also castration-resistant prostate cancer (CRPC) is dependent on functional AR, and several mechanisms have been proposed to explain the addiction. Known causes of CRPC include gene amplification and overexpression as well as point mutations of AR. We report here the(More)
The collagens are recognized by the alphaI domains of the collagen receptor integrins. A common structural feature in the collagen-binding alphaI domains is the presence of an extra helix, named helix alphaC. However, its participation in collagen binding has not been shown. Here, we have deleted the helix alphaC in the alpha(2)I domain and tested the(More)
The use of baculovirus vectors shows promise as a tool for gene delivery into mammalian cells. These insect viruses have been shown to transduce a variety of mammalian cell lines, and gene transfer has also been demonstrated in vivo. In this study, we generated two recombinant baculovirus vectors displaying an integrin-specific motif, RKK, as a part of two(More)
Baculovirus vectors have been shown to enter a variety of mammalian cell lines and gene transfer with wild-type baculovirus (WT) has been demonstrated both in vitro and in vivo. Different protein motifs have been displayed on the viral surface to serve as ligands for cell-specific receptor molecules. We have generated recombinant baculovirus vectors(More)
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