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Effect of Nickel–Cobaltite Nanoparticles on Production and Thermostability of Cellulases from Newly Isolated Thermotolerant Aspergillus fumigatus NS (Class: Eurotiomycetes)
In the present study, effect of nickel–cobaltite (NiCo2O4) nanoparticles (NPs) was investigated on production and thermostability of the cellulase enzyme system using newly isolated thermotolerantExpand
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Cellulolytic and xylanolytic enzymes from thermophilic Aspergillus terreus RWY
Thermophilic Aspergillus terreus RWY produced cellulases and xylanases in optimal concentrations at 45 °C in solid state fermentation process, though enzyme production was also observed at 50 and 55Expand
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Multi-component thermostable cellulolytic enzyme production by Aspergillus niger HN-1 using pea pod waste: Appraisal of hydrolytic potential with lignocellulosic biomass
Abstract Solid state fermentation with pea pod waste and Aspergillus niger HN-1 resulted in filter paper cellulase (FP) and β-glucosidase (BGL) activity of 30 FPU/gds and 270 U/gds, respectively.Expand
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Biosurfactant-Aided Bioprocessing: Industrial Applications and Environmental Impact
Surfactants are classified as ionic, nonionic, and zwitterionic surfactants based on the ionic properties of the polar head group. Biosurfactants are surface-active compounds produced by microbes,Expand
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The present study aimed at developing herbal medicine against food borne pathogens, therefore the antimicrobial activity of four herbs viz. Arjuna (bark), Ashwagandha (roots), Puthkanda (leaves) andExpand
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Inter-state growth and performance of women entrepreneurship in India
In the present context, women expect equal status from the government, organizations and the society. They seem to be right in their attitude because the model of women entrepreneurial leaders andExpand
In Vitro Comparative Evaluation of Microleakage of Newly Introduced Dyad Flow and Total and Self Etch Adhesives in Class V Resin Composite Restorations
SUMMARY Introduction The aim of this study was to evaluate marginal sealing ability of newly introduced Dyad Flow flowable composite and compare to total-etch and self-etch adhesive system at theExpand
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Gonioscopy : a text and atlas (with goniovideos)
Gonioscopy Text * Chapter 1: History * Chapter 2: Principle of Gonioscopy * Chapter 3: Indications of Gonioscopy * Chapter 4: Direct and Indirect Gonioscopy * Chapter 5: Slit Lamp GonioscopyExpand