Reet Kamal Tiwari

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Debris cover over glaciers affects the rate of ablation and is considered as an indicator of glacier health. It also affects the ability to map glacier bodies and thereby has a bearing on accuracy of modeling used for climate prediction, runoff estimation, etc. Therefore, characterization and mapping of the debris over glacier is very important. This study(More)
In the present report, we have analyzed the average characteristics of diurnal variation of cosmic ray intensity for the period of 1986-2010 for Beijing and Kiel neutron monitor stations. We have performed an average characteristics analysis to establish the amplitude and phase modulation for first harmonic of the cosmic ray anisotropy. It has been(More)
Cosmic ray daily variation is directly related with changes in interplanetary conditions. The significant and systematic deviations in the amplitude and phase of the diurnal, semi-diurnal variation of cosmic rays from the average values is due to strong geomagnetic and solar activity. The amplitudes and phases (time of maxima) of first two harmonics of(More)
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