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What follows is an account of my personal experiences as an independent Indian film director who had the fortune to make the country's first openly gay film, the short BOMgAY That said, I would like this essay to be accepted as, rather than a critical appraisal of Indian cinema, a humbly autobiographical account of one individual caught in the hectic throes(More)
Diagnosing and managing periodontal emergencies is a common part of general dental practice. This article summarises the presentation, aetiology and management of the key periodontal emergencies, including gingival abscess, periodontal abscess, peri-coronitis/peri-coronal abscess, perio-endo lesion/ abscess, necrotising gingivitis and periodontitis, acute(More)
Periodontal disease has a wide spectrum of presentation, any of which can have an effect on the patient's dental well-being and overall quality of life. This sporadic but sometimes rapidly progressing condition can easily be missed in a busy general practice setting. It is essential that the correct diagnosis is made and our duty of care to the patient(More)
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