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Tracing a Narrative of Muslim Self after 9/11
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Constructing an ‘Outlandish’ Narrative of Self: The Role of Music in Muslim Experience
This paper explores the way in which Muslims, particularly those in the Diaspora, use music as an alternative medium to negotiate a narrative of self that reflects their performance of their faithExpand
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Marking the American landscape: African Muslim slave writings and the place of Islam
ABSTRACT This paper explores the role of negotiation in identity politics, focusing on the writings of the nineteenth century African Muslim slave writings in Arabic in the United States. The writingExpand
Dimensions Of Contemplative Tendency Of Mikha'il Na'ima In His Work “Najwal Ghuroub” Soliloquy Of The Sundown
This research tackles contemplative tendency, which was evident in Mikha'il Na'ima’s work “Najwal Ghuroub”  Soliloquy of the Sundown , and became more intense throughout his pages , not exceeding aExpand
Refusing the Interrogation: Hip Hop's Challenge to Narratives of Terrorism
This paper explores the way in which hip hop artists Iraqi British Lowkey, Iraqi Canadian Narcy, and the Palestinian crew DAM deploy music to challenge narratives of terrorism that are constructed toExpand