Reem B. Aldamanhori

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OBJECTIVES To explore the spectrum of pathologies diagnosed in prostatic biopsies of Saudi men, and test whether the frequency of diagnosing the malignant fraction has been changed over the last 15 years, and assess the association between chronic inflammation (CI) with both benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) and cancer (PCa), and investigate the(More)
Psoas abscess is a rare condition where infection spreads from a nearby or distant septic focus to the psoas sheath. The causative bacterial organisms at distal sites reach the psoas via lymphatic or hematogenous spread, whereas infection from nearby sites that include the urinary system reaches the psoas directly. There are few reports that account for(More)
BACKGROUND Inserting a guide wire is a common practice during endo-urological procedures. A rare complication in patients with ureteral stones where an iatrogenic submucosal tunnel (IST) is created during endoscopic guide wire placement. OBJECTIVE Summarize data on IST. DESIGN Retrospective descriptive study of patients treated from from October 2009(More)
PURPOSE OF REVIEW Lower urinary tract symptoms are bothersome and significantly impair patient's quality of life. Incomplete bladder emptying affects both men and women, and has shown to increase in incidence with aging. Incomplete bladder emptying is consequent upon an inability of the detrusor muscle to adequately contract to completely empty the bladder,(More)
It is increasingly recognized that the bladder is the originator of storage lower urinary tract symptoms, including overactive bladder in men. As these symptoms are most bothersome for patients, there has been an increasing interest in the evaluation of drug treatment to better target the bladder. Consequently, several new drug classes have been introduced(More)
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