Reed Stevens

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Accidental strangulation is a preventable problem, and there is limited scientific understanding of its mechanism in children. If the amount of external pressure that occludes the airway can be determined, design changes may be made to allow for production of household objects that would break apart at safe pressure levels. A force gauge was applied to the(More)
In this article, we analyze conversations in consulting meetings where people work across disciplines to design things. We focus on interactional processes through which people disrupt and attempt to change representational technologies for scientific and technical classification. Our case material is drawn from ethnographic and cognitive studies of work in(More)
This article reports an exploratory study of how people see and explain a prominent exhibit (Tornado) at an interactive science museum (the Exploratorium). Our data was assembled using a novel, technically mediated activity system (Video Traces) that allowed visitors to reflect with an interviewer on video records of their own visits to the exhibit. We(More)
BACKGROUND Accidental strangulation is a preventable problem with limited scientific understanding in children. Children's clothing and household furniture have the potential to cause strangulation. Localizing the site of obstruction would provide understanding and insight to preventing this unfortunate event. METHODS While undergoing the application of(More)
The UCLA School of Medicine's Interactive Multi-media Exercises (IMMEX) Project began its outreach into pre-college education in the Los Angeles area in 1993. The project provides a model in which software and technology are effectively intertwined with teaching, learning, and assessment (of both students' and teachers' performances) in the classroom. The(More)