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Witnesses to an event who have prepared an account of it may be given an opportunity to review this account or to read another account before testifying. The authors investigated the effects of this procedure by using participant accounts and both accurate and misleading experimenter-prepared accounts. Another experimental group did not review any account.(More)
Contributors in hundreds of semantic wiki sites are creating structured information in RDF every day, thus growing the semantic content of the Web in spades. Although wikis have been analyzed extensively, there has been little analysis of the use of semantic wikis. The Provenance Bee Wiki was created to gather and aggregate data from these sites, show how(More)
This research aims to strengthen the current utility of the Warrior Attributes Inventory (WAI), formerly known as the Non Commissioned Officer Leadership Skills Inventory (NLSI). The end state of the research is to create a model that will accurately predict potential drill sergeant performance based upon WAI scores and biographical data. The research(More)
The complexity of rapidly changing technology and global events makes it critical for managing international public affairs today to analyze several areas of performance simultaneously. Robert S. Kaplan and David P. Norton of the Harvard Business School found that strategic planners recognize that a single measure of performance fails to provide a clear(More)
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