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Software architecture has emerged as a foundational concept for the successful development of large, complex systems. Signs that the field is maturing to become an engineering discipline include textbooks on the subject; the work in repeatable design, exemplified by architectural styles and patterns; robust methods for evaluating software architectures;(More)
A practical approach for documenting software architectures is presented. The approach is based on the well-known architectural concept of views, and holds that documentation consists of documenting the relevant views and then documenting the information that applies to more than one view. Views can be usefully grouped into viewtypes, corresponding to the(More)
Over the past years a series of architectures have addressed the need to link multiple simulations. These efforts have been driven primarily by the desire to reuse existing "best of breed" simulations in new combinations to avoid developing any single, monolithic architecture with the impossible goal of meeting all simulation needs. The US Department of(More)
48 ABSTRACT Software usability of software system specified how much user feels comfort and attract towards specific system environment, on the other hand Software designing is also an important factor affecting software system success. Usability is not a function of time although researchers have come up with various models and matrices relating these two(More)
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