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Mourad Assidi2
Damayanthi Durairajanayagam2
M S Patterh2
2Mourad Assidi
2Damayanthi Durairajanayagam
2M S Patterh
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Traditionally, the success of a researcher is assessed by the number of publications he or she publishes in peer-reviewed, indexed, high impact journals. This essential yardstick, often referred to as the impact of a specific researcher, is assessed through the use of various metrics. While researchers may be acquainted with such matrices, many do not know(More)
BACKGROUND A routine semen analysis is a first step in the laboratory evaluation of the infertile male. In addition, other tests such as measurement of reactive oxygen species can provide additional information regarding the etiology of male infertility. The objective of this study was to investigate the association of semen parameters with reactive oxygen(More)
In this paper a comparative analysis of K-Principle Component Analysis (K-PCA) and K-Nearest Neighbor (K-NN) classifier is done for age invariant face recognition using Indian Face Age Database (IFAD). IFAD is a real time and wild in face database which can be used for face recognition at different variation parameters. These variations can be pose,(More)
Face recognition with age variation is a challenging task for researchers. In this research paper a new face database is proposed. The proposed name of this database is Indian Face Age Database (IFAD). It consists of images of Indian celebrities. To enhance the unconstrained age invariant face recognition research, a more challenging Indian Face Age(More)
In this paper a proficient posture invariant face recognition framework utilizing PCA and AI has been proposed. The peculiarities of an image under test have been extracted utilizing PCA then neuro fuzzy based framework ANFIS is utilized for recognition. The primary reason for this paper is to decrease the computational complexities in the face recognition(More)
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