Reeba Korah

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The location of Optic Disc (OD) is of critical importance in retinal image analysis. This research paper carries out a new automated methodology to detect the optic disc (OD) in retinal images. OD detection helps the ophthalmologists to find whether the patient is affected by diabetic retinopathy or not. The proposed technique is to use line operator which(More)
Static power dissipation is a dominant field in deep sub-micron technologies. Technology scaling down into submicron technology to achieve higher operating speed of CMOS circuits, the leakage power becomes more and more. As process geometrics move to finer technologies, device consistency and threshold voltage becomes much smaller. When decreasing the(More)
The effective recovery of the 3D structure of a scene using two or more 2D images of the scene, each acquired from a different viewpoint is a challenging task of stereovision. Defining pixel correspondence in stereo pairs is a fundamental process for automated image based effective 3D reconstruction. This paper presents modified Census based approach for(More)
The segmentation of organs in CT volumes is a prerequisite for diagnosis and treatment planning. In this paper, we focus on liver segmentation from contrast-enhanced abdominal CT volumes, a challenging task due to intensity overlapping, blurred edges, large variability in liver shape, and complex background with cluttered features. The algorithm integrates(More)
Medical image segmentation plays a crucial role in many medical imaging applications by automating or facilating the delineation of anatomical structure and other regions of interest. This paper makes a review on the current segmentation algorithm used for retinal images. These algorithms are divided into three categories according to their main concepts(More)
Diabetes is the commonest cause of blindness in the working age group these days. Diabetes can affect the sight of a patient and thus it results in causing glaucoma, cataracts and its most severe effect is on blood vessels inside the eye as the blood vessels are damaged and it reaches a condition known as "diabetic retinopathy" which can also be(More)