Redwan Ahmad

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A field experiment was conducted for two consecutive years (2003 and 2004) to study the effect of row spacing (75, 65 and 55cm) and different weed competition durations (0, 15,30,45,60 days after emergence and throughout the growth period) on weeds density and biomass and growth and yield of maize. Reducing row spacing significantly suppressed the weed(More)
The paper reports our progress on soft-glass fibers for optical switching purposes based on four-wave mixing. Specific development of connectorized nonlinear modules for switching application is presented. For the arsenic-selenide fiber we present a novel solid joint technology, with connection losses of only 0.25 dB, which is the lowest value presented(More)
In order to understand the transformations of the Keggin-type H4-xCsxPVMo11 (x=0,2) compounds with rising temperature over long time stream of different gas athmospheres, in situ UV/Vis/near-IR spectroscopic studies were carried out. Diffuse reflectance spectra were recorded using an improved spectrometer and a suitable microreactor. Visible and near-IR(More)
A silica suspended-core microstructured optical fiber sensor for detection of liquids, operating at 1550 nm, is analyzed. The sensing principle is based on the evanescent wave overlap into a tested analyte, which is filled via capillary forces into the cladding holes. Validations for analytes in the refractive index range of 1.35-1.43 are carried out with(More)
This paper addresses the growth of nano-structured MgZnO thin films by sol-gel spin coating method which will be used as a template layer to grow carbon nanotubes. The nano-structured MgZnO films were deposited on platinized (100) silicon substrates. In this work, we focused on the effect of aging and Mg content on the film structure and resistivity. Sols(More)
We report the use of a new precursor as active agents to promote the growth of carbon nanotubes (CNT) in methane ambient using a simple thermal chemical vapour deposition method. The agents consist of ammonia and methanol mixed at different ratios and was found to enhance the growth of CNTs. The optimum methanol to ammonia ratio was found to be 8 to 5,(More)
Detecting explosive, flammable, or toxic industrial liquids reliably and accurately is a matter of civic responsibility that cannot be treated lightly. Tapered optical fibers (TOFs) and suspended core microstructured optical fibers (SC MOFs) were separately used as sensors of liquids without being compared to each other. We present a highly sensitive(More)
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