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To provide a complete analysis of the organization, its business and its needs, it is necessary for leaders to have data that help decision making. Data warehouses are designed to meet such needs; they are an analysis and data management technology. This article describes an MDA (Model Driven Architecture) process that we have used to automatically generate(More)
Today, the N-tiers applications have become the norm for building enterprise software. In this paper we are going to present a model-driven approach to the development of N-tiers web applications based on the UML class diagram. The transformation language is the MOF 2.0 QVT (Meta-Object Facility 2.0 Query-View-Transformation) standard which defines the(More)
The continuing evolution of business needs and technology makes Web applications more demanding in terms of development, usability and interactivity of their user interfaces. The complexity and diversity of these applications emerges the need of flexibility and combining operations with existing models to create other new, more complex models. As more(More)
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