Reda Yahiaoui

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In this paper, we present an interesting method to microfabricate a tilted micro air jet generator. We used the well-know deep reactive ion etching (DRIE) technique in order to realize in a silicon substrate a double side etching. For aircraft and cars, micro air jets will take an important place for fluid control. Micro air jets are characterized by their(More)
Camera is an elementary component of the modern systems employed in robotics, defense, surveillance, automation, etc. In order to keep the system compact, embedded camera solutions are developing. A proper system integration requires an effective camera driver. In this context, an efficient FPGA based digital camera driver is devised. The proposed solution(More)
In this paper we propose a hardware architecture of the Fuzzy ART's generalization applied to the classification of multi-spectral image acquired by the Algerian satellite ALSAT 1. The developed solution is original and exploits the maximum benefit of the embedded resources in the reconfigurable circuits FPGAs. The goal is the research of a scalable(More)
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