Reda Boukezzoula

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This paper deals with the development of an intelligent distributed and supervised control approach for high-volume production systems in which the flow of parts can be approximated by a continuous (fluid) model. The proposed approach is based on the decomposition of the production system into elementary modules in order to reduce the control design(More)
The High-Variety, Low-Volume (HVLV) scheduling problem is one of the most arduous and combinatorial optimization problems. This paper presents an analytical scheduling model using a tropical algebra called (max,+) algebra. The aim is to find an allocation for each operation and to define the sequence of operations on each machine, so that the resulting(More)
This paper examines the inverse control problem of nonlinear systems with stable dynamics using a fuzzy modeling approach. Indeed, based on the ability of fuzzy systems to approximate any nonlinear mapping, the nonlinear system is represented by a Takagi-Sugeno (TS) fuzzy system, which is then inverted for designing a fuzzy controller. As an application of(More)