Recep Demirci

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In this paper, an adaptive anisotropic diffusion filter with Haar wavelet transform was proposed. Firstly, Haar transform of noisy image was performed. Then the centers of gravity of histograms of wavelet coefficients were used as a conductance parameter, K in anisotropic diffusion equations. In this context, an adaptive filter where user intervention is(More)
Two novel automatic anisotropic diffusion filters without conduction parameters were proposed in this paper. In the proposed first method, initially, the gradient of the noisy image to be filtered was calculated by Sobel operator and then the center of gravity of gradient image was used as diffusivity parameter, K and edge threshold. It was observed that(More)
In this paper, light refraction law based a novel edge detection algorithm was described. In the proposed method, center pixel deemed a light source. Neighbor pixels are deemed different environments refracted the light. The minimum value of ratio of these different environments refraction indices qualifies the edge knowledge of center pixels. Edges are(More)
In this study, segmentation is done by using the similarity feature between neighbour pixells. Image segmentation was not done on the original image, it was done on the similarity image by using region growing algorithm. Distance and similarity measure functions and relation matrix are explained on similarity image. It was tried to answer the effect of(More)
Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) is a common old men disease for which treatment selection is very important. So it is necessary to develop tools for helping doctors to select the proper treatment. The tools based on image processing are the common methods for this purpose. The first and the most basic step of these tools is extraction the background of(More)
Different filter methods to reduce noises occurred during image capture have been developed. One of the most effective image filters is diffusion filter. However, the major drawback of conventional diffusion filter is user-dependent. While noises are reduced with conductance coefficient arbitrarily selected, edge pixels are perceived such as noise. In this(More)
A variety of methods for images noise reduction has been developed so far. Most of them successfully remove noise but their edge preserving capabilities are weak. Therefore bilateral image filter is helpful to deal with this problem. Nevertheless, their performances depend on spatial and photometric parameters which are chosen by user. Conventionally, the(More)
In this study, a filter which uses the Gaussian function and selects its variance according to local properties of image without user intervention has been designed in order to eliminate the noise. Consequently, a gradient adaptive image filter that estimates variance and creates different kernel for each pixel in image has been obtained.