Rebika Shrestha

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A joint experimental and computational study investigates the translocation of a tryptophan molecule through a phospholipid membrane. Time dependent spectroscopy of the tryptophan side chain determines the rate of permeation into 150 nm phospholipid vesicles. Atomically detailed simulations are conducted to calculate the free energy profiles and the(More)
A microsatellite-enriched partial genomic DNA library of Lygus hesperus was generated and screened by sequencing. Ten polymorphic microsatellite marker loci were characterized by genotyping 92 insect samples. The observed number of alleles ranged from three to seven with an average of 4.5 (SE ± 0.45), while the effective number of alleles ranged from 1.21(More)
The magnitude of the membrane dipole field was measured using vibrational Stark effect (VSE) shifts of nitrile oscillators placed on the unnatural amino acid p-cyanophenylalanine (p-CN-Phe) added to a peptide sequence at four unique positions. These peptides, which were based on a repeating alanine-leucine motif, intercalated into small unilamellar DMPC(More)
Biological membranes are heterogeneous structures with complex electrostatic profiles arising from lipids, sterols, membrane proteins, and water molecules. We investigated the effect of cholesterol and its derivative 6-ketocholestanol (6-kc) on membrane electrostatics by directly measuring the dipole electric field (F⃗d) within lipid bilayers containing(More)
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