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Creating programs that engage undergraduate women with the broader community and encourage them to take an active role in changing the underrepresentation of women in computer science can effectively address both retention and recruitment of women in the discipline. This paper is an experience report describing the creation and outcomes of an outreach(More)
Forensic stylometry is a form of authorship attribution that relies on the linguistic information found in a document. While there has been significant work in stylometry, most research focuses on the closed-world problem where the document's author is in a known suspect set. For open-world problems where the author may not be in the suspect set,(More)
This work addresses fundamental questions about the nature of cy-bercriminal organization. We investigate the organization of three underground forums: BlackhatWorld, Carders and L33tCrew to understand the nature of distinct communities within a forum, the structure of organization and the impact of enforcement, in particular banning members, on the(More)
Authorship Verification Ariel Stolerman Advisor: Rachel Greenstadt, PhD In recent years, stylometry, the study of linguistic style, has become more prominent in security and privacy applications involving written language, mostly in digital and online domains. Although literature is abundant with computational stylometry research, the field of authorship(More)
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