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We describe a monadic interface to low-level hardware features that is a suitable basis for building operating systems in Haskell. The interface includes primitives for controlling memory management hardware, user-mode process execution, and low-level device I/O. The interface enforces memory safety in nearly all circumstances. Its behavior is specified in(More)
— Existing noninterference frameworks for reasoning about system security assume a fixed configuration of domains governed by a security policy that does not change over time. A static security policy, however, cannot express the domain interactions present in many modern system designs, which allow users to configure the set of active domains at run-time.(More)
Compliance, adherence, and persistence are outcomes easily measured in pharmacy claims databases. However, these measures are often interchanged and calculated differently. The research community should settle on a common set of definitions and methods. This paper briefly explains compliance and persistence terminology and methods commonly used in(More)
Assessing duration of medication therapy involves managing a data set with multiple observations per subject. This paper offers an innovative approach to calculating medication utilization as the proportion of days supplied over a specified time period. In this paper, the TRANSPOSE procedure, ARRAY statements, and DO loops are used to create multiple(More)
We introduce the Deductive Verification Framework (DVF), a language and a tool for verifying properties of transition systems. The language is procedural and the system transitions are a selected subset of procedures. The type system and built-in operations are consistent with SMT-LIB, as are the multisorted first-order logical formulas that may occur in(More)
OBJECTIVES The purpose of this study was to identify rates and predictors of psychotropic medication polypharmacy among Medicaid-eligible children in South Carolina with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) from 2000 to 2008. METHODS Population-based surveillance data were linked with state Medicaid records to obtain a detailed demographic, behavioral,(More)
Observational studies that lack randomization of subjects into treatment groups must address selection bias to properly estimate the effect of treatment. This paper explores a propensity scoring (PS) method and instrumental variable (IV) method of controlling for treatment selection bias. Included is a discussion of the methods, the advantages and(More)
— Separation kernels are the holy grail of secure systems , remaining elusive despite years of research into their design, implementation, and analysis. Though separation kernel research has achieved many successes, the disconnect between information flow theory and system implementation is a significant barrier to further progress. In this paper, we show(More)
Current practices for developing systems software usually rely on fairly low-level programming languages and tools. As an alternative, our group has been investigating the possibility of using a high-level functional language, Haskell, for kernel and device driver construction, with the hope that it will allow us to produce more reliable and secure(More)