Rebekah L. Fox

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The majority of tanning bed users in the U.S. are women. Previous health communication research frequently focused on the risk of skin cancer, but few studies assessed the mediated communication environment that may surround women's beliefs and behaviors relevant to tanning. A content analysis of articles in eight magazines targeting girls, young women,(More)
BACKGROUND. Despite short-lived periods of adequacy in nurse availability, the nursing shortage has endured. In order to better understand the myriad factors that influence the current shortage of nurses, as well as possible solutions, this project addresses the influence of social factors and government policy on nurse staffing inadequacy. When the(More)
BACKGROUND Clinical practice guidelines, which are designed to encourage consistent, efficient applications of scientific evidence in the daily practice of clinicians, are often underutilized. The majority of research concerning their implementation and use has focused on the work of physicians; more research concerning their use by nurses is needed. (More)
Pharmacists employed in the critical care area in a 350 bed, community-based, Class II trauma facility demonstrated cost savings through documentation of clinical interactions. Data collection took place between January 1, 1986 and December 31, 1986. Four areas of potential cost savings to the hospital were identified: 1) interactions that resulted in drug(More)
In healthcare, evidence-based practice (EBP) integrates clinical expertise with the best available external evidence from systematic research. Yet even with the aid of technology, implementation of EBP in many settings remains a challenge due in part to the complexity of the healthcare system and the lack of a strong theoretical and analytical foundation to(More)
There is little research on the use of online forums by nursing professionals as a way of creating community and exchanging professional knowledge. The purpose of this study is to analyze the content of an online nursing forum to determine the potential of online forums to constitute a community of practice among nurses. We examined one month of thread(More)
Thank you for joining us along the Front Range in Colorado for a conference aimed at advancing the knowledge and practice related to the human side of managing fire prone landscapes. Specifically, this conference was intended for researchers and professionals involved in the science or practice of the human dimensions of wildland fire including suppression,(More)