Rebeccah-Claire Billing

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Social inhibition of return is the phenomenon whereby an individual is slower to reach to locations to which another individual has recently responded. Although this suggests that an observer represents another person's action, little is known about which aspects of the action are encoded. The present work describes a series of three experiments examining(More)
Diphenyliodonium ions (Ph2I+) form donor-acceptor ion pairs with suitable cyanometallates such as [Mo(CN)8]4-, [W(CN)8]4-, [Ru(CN)6]4- and [Os(CN)6]4-. Such ion pairs are characterized by new spectroscopic transitions due to second-sphere interactions between donor ([M(CN)x]4-, x=6, 8) and acceptor (Ph2I+) ions. Photochemical excitation of these ion-pair(More)
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