Rebecca Y. M. Wong

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This paper presents a generalized agent-based framework that uses negotiation to dynamically and optimally schedule events. Events can be created dynamically by any active agent in the environment. Each event may potentially require collaboration or resources from one or more other agents. The allocation of resources to the event will be negotiated(More)
Diabetes is a complex disease characterized by chronic hyperglycemia and multiple phenotypes. In 1995, we used a doctor-nurse-clerk team and structured protocol to establish the Hong Kong Diabetes Registry in a quality improvement program. By 2009, we had accrued 2616 clinical events in 9588 Chinese type 2 diabetic patients with a follow-up duration of 6(More)
OBJECTIVE To validate a Chinese version of the Diabetes Distress Scale (CDDS). RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS The CDDS was derived using forward-backward translation and administered in 189 Chinese type 2 diabetic patients with evaluation of its psychometric properties. RESULTS On the basis of principal-component analysis, three factors of the 15-item(More)
—An integrated beamforming (spatial processing) and multiuser-detection (temporal processing) scheme is an effective approach to increase system capacity but is also impractical due to the high associated computational costs. To overcome this problem, researchers have developed reduced-rank approaches. Adding to this class of algorithms, this paper(More)
Metabolic control is central to positive clinical outcome in patients with diabetes. Empowerment has been linked to metabolic control in this clinical group. The current study sought to determine key psychometric properties of the Chinese version of the Diabetes Empowerment Scale (C-DES) and to explore the relationship of the C-DES sub-scales to metabolic(More)
There are gaps between recommendations on regular screening for diabetic kidney disease (DKD) and clinical practice especially in busy and low resource settings. SUDOSCAN (Impeto Medical, Paris, France) is a non-invasive technology for assessing sudomotor function using reverse iontophoresis and chronoamperometry which detects abnormal sweat gland function.(More)
— An integrated beamforming (spatial processing) and multiuser detection (temporal processing) scheme is an effective approach to increase system capacity, but is also impractical due to the high associated computational costs. The authors previously proposed the Joint Domain Localized (JDL) processing which achieves significantly lower computational cost(More)
Companies that provide crane-lorry services are faced with the daily need to perform vehicle and driver allocation and scheduling. Many companies still do this manually due to the lack of suitable technologies. This manual approach is both time consuming and inaccurate and most probably will not lead to an optimized plan that can reduce operational costs.(More)