Rebecca Wirfs-Brock

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The state of object-oriented is evolving rapidly. This survey describes what are currently thought to be the key ideas. Although it is necessarily incomplete, it contains both academic and industrial efforts and describes work in both the United States and Europe. It ignores well-known ideas, like that of Coad and Meyer [34], in favor of less widely known(More)
"Self-directed team" is one of the mantras of Agile Methodologies. Self-direction means that the team's manager is relegated to a facilitator role with little or no influence over day-to-day activities. For example, Kent Beck has written that the manager of an XP project can do four things: ask for estimates on cost and results, move people around among(More)
The Unified Method was launched by Grady Booch and Jim Rumbaugh at an OOPSLA'95 Conference Fringe meeting organised by Rational Software Corporation. In 1996 the Unified Method was re-scoped to a notation, and renamed the Unified Modeling Language (UML).Earlier this year, UML was submitted to the Object Management Group for standardisation and has been(More)
A problem frame is a generic, abstract description of the structure of a problem. Using a problem frame requires selecting a candidate frame from a catalog and mapping the specific parts of the problem into the principal parts of the frame. In this paper we present five patterns, one for each of Jackson's original problem frames. We hope that by writing(More)
This article claims brevity can contribute to code beauty-clarity of purpose, expressive use of the programming language, and design elegance also play a part. But is there more to good design than beautiful code? A good design is more than cleanly, clearly, and consistently expressed code. Beautiful code is beautiful only if it preserves and makes evident(More)