Rebecca Wilks

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Novel fingerprint scanning arrays based upon capacitance sensing have been made. Each sensor element consists of a capacitor electrode and two poly-Si thin film transistors for addressing and read out. The devices were fabricated on glass, polyimide and polyethersulphone substrates using a low temperature (<250 C) process.
Ultrafast demagnetization has been studied in Si/Pts160 Åd / fCo25Ni75sxd /Pts8 Ådg20 sx=3, 4.5, and 6 Åd multilayers with perpendicular anisotropy by magneto-optical pump-probe measurements in the polar geometry. Time-resolved measurements made in the saturated state showed that maximum demagnetization was achieved within 300 fs. Hysteresis loops were(More)
The formation of central uplifts in complex impact craters is poorly understood. It is generally accepted that a weakening mechanism is a necessary precursor to accommodate such a large movement of rock. It has been hypothesized that impact-generated melt may have a significant role in weakening the rock of a crater floor to allow for uplift, but it is(More)
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