Rebecca W Lai

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Enterobacteriaceae peritonitis is a serious complication in peritoneal dialysis (PD), but the clinical course of PD-related Enterobacteriaceae peritonitis remains unclear. We reviewed all Enterobacteriaceae peritonitis in our dialysis unit from 1995 to 2004. During this period, there were 1748 episodes of peritonitis recorded; 210 episodes (12.0%) in 123(More)
Hospital infection prevalence surveys were performed in our 1400-bed University medical centre in Hong Kong from 1985 to 1988. We investigated the rates of four major hospital-acquired infections (HAIs) (pneumonia, symptomatic urinary tract infection, surgical site infection and laboratory-confirmed bloodstream infection) in order to identify current(More)
In this case report, we describe markedly different pacing thresholds determined by a manual threshold test and the automatic Ventricular Capture Management algorithm. The discrepancy in pacing threshold values reported was due to the difference in the AV intervals used with the different testing methods. We propose that the differences in right ventricular(More)
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