Rebecca Wölfle

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Teneurins are multifunctional transmembrane proteins that are found in all multicellular animals and exist as four paralogous forms in vertebrates. They are highly expressed in the central nervous system, where they exert their effects, in part, by high-affinity binding to latrophilin (LPHN), a G-protein coupled receptor (GPCR) related to the adhesion and(More)
In this paper we present INTERACCT (Integrating Entertainment and Reaction Assessment into Child Cancer Therapy), a multidisciplinary research project aiming at creating a communication tool for pediatric patients after cancer treatment with HSCT (hematopoietic stem cell transplantation) in after care. The communication platform should foster communication(More)
The corpus callosum (CC) is a brain structure composed of axon fibres linking the right and left hemispheres. Musical training is associated with larger midsagittal cross-sectional area of the CC, suggesting that interhemispheric communication may be faster in musicians. Here we compared interhemispheric transmission times (ITTs) for musicians and(More)
A highly sensitive determination of spallogenic (53)Mn (T = 2 x 106 yr) was accomplished in 0.99 g of lunar soil. The chemical yield of Mn is determined with "carrier-free" (52)Mn tracer. During a 23-day reactor irradiation the (53)Mn is transformed into (54)Mn (T = 300 days). Appropriate chemical recycling was done by ion exchange and distillation.(More)
This paper describes the design of the learning game Internet Hero, in which the player is transported into a fictional world representing the Internet. The game shall convey learning contents about the technical and social basics of using the Internet. We connect game design to learning principles and evaluate the game through gameplay metrics and(More)
After stem-cell transplantation, pediatric patients must remain in aftercare due to a high risk of suffering from a plethora of life-threatening organic problems. In this phase, communication with the clinicians is key for an increased survival probability. The multidisciplinary INTERACCT aims at developing a child friendly communication tool based on(More)
Mood disorders, including anxiety and depression, are thought to be characterized by disrupted neuronal synapses and altered brain plasticity. The etiology is complex, involving numerous regions of the brain, comprising a multitude of neurotransmitter and neuromodulator systems. Recently, new studies on the teneurins, an evolutionary ancient family of type(More)
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