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It is well established that the efficacy of synaptic connections can be rapidly modified by neural activity, yet how the environment and prior experience modulate such synaptic and behavioral plasticity is only beginning to be understood. Here we show in C. elegans that the broadly conserved scaffolding molecule MAGI-1 is required for the plasticity(More)
Subsystems of category learning have been identified on the basis of general domains of content (e.g., tools, faces). The present study examined categories from the standpoint of internal structure and determined brain topography associated with expressing two fundamentally different category rule structures (criterion attribute, CA, and family resemblance,(More)
This study investigates the effect of arousal on visual selection processes. Arousal is predicted to narrow the window of attention surrounding a point of focus. BOLD response to a letter discrimination task was measured under aroused (aversive noise) and non-aroused conditions (n = 8). Results revealed spatially distinct responses for trials invoking a(More)
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