Rebecca Sweetman

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The construction and consolidation of knowledge through the practical application of concepts and processes can be difficult to support for subjects where practice is an integral component of competence and expertise in that domain. For example, participation in an archaeological excavation is not readily available to students, although a detailed(More)
This paper introduces the Laconia Acropolis Virtual Archaeology project (LAVA), a co-operative archaeological learning environment that has been developed to address the need for students to be able to engage with realistic archaeological excavation scenarios. The practice of fieldwork lies at the heart of archaeology yet poses particular problems for the(More)
St Andrews Cathedral is located on the East Coast of Scotland. Construction started in 1160 and spanned Romanesque and Gothic architectural styles. It was consecrated in 1318, four years after the battle of Bannockburn in the presence of King Robert I. For several hundred years, the Cathedral was one of the most important religious buildings in Europe and(More)
This paper presents an approach to utilising computer game technologies and methodologies to support explorative learning. This approach has particular relevance to subjects such as archaeology and geography which contain a significant fieldwork component. A detailed case study, the LAVA project, is presented and the design decisions taken discussed. LAVA(More)
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