Rebecca Suckley

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We analyse small parameters in selected models of biological excitability, including Hodgkin-Huxley (Hodgkin & Huxley 1952 J. Physiol.117, 500-544) model of nerve axon, Noble (Noble 1962 J. Physiol.160, 317-352) model of heart Purkinje fibres and Courtemanche et al. (Courtemanche et al. 1998 Am. J. Physiol.275, H301-H321) model of human atrial cells. Some(More)
We analyze the asymptotic structure of two classical models of mathematical biology, the models of electrical action by Hodgkin-Huxley (1952) for a giant squid axon and by Noble (1962) for mammalian Purkinje fibres. We use the procedure of parametric embedding to formally introduce small parameters in these experiment-based models. Although one of the(More)
We describe an asymptotic approach to gated ionic models of single-cell cardiac excitability. It has a form essentially different from the Tikhonov fast-slow form assumed in standard asymptotic reductions of excitable systems. This is of interest since the standard approaches have been previously found inadequate to describe phenomena such as the(More)
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