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Near infrared (NIR) spectroscopy (500 nm-2400 nm), coupled with multivariate analytic (MVA) statistical techniques, have been used to predict the chemical and mechanical properties of solid loblolly pine wood. The samples were selected from diEerent radial locations and heights of three loblolly pine trees grown in Arkansas. The chemical composition and(More)
Most self-pollinating plants are annuals. According to the 'time-limitation' hypothesis, this association between selfing and the annual life cycle has evolved as a consequence of strong r-selection, involving severe time-limitation for completing the life cycle. Under this model, selection from frequent density-independent mortality in ephemeral habitats(More)
The purpose of the current study was to study auditory processing (monaural closure, monaural separation, binaural integration, and binaural separation) skills in subjects with-and without-Alzheimer's disease. Ten individuals with Alzheimer's disease and seven individuals without Alzheimer's disease participated in central auditory processing tasks(More)