Rebecca Sisson

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Traditional disulfiram treatment has often been ineffective because of a failure to maintain usage. The present study with 43 alcoholics compared: (1) a traditional disulfiram treatment, (2) a socially motivated Disulfiram Assurance program and (3) a Disulfiram Assurance program combined with reinforcement therapy. About five sessions were given for each(More)
The present study evaluated a method of teaching distressed family members of problem drinkers how to minimize their own distress, reduce the drinking, increase the motivation of the alcoholic to obtain formal treatment and assist in the treatment program. Twelve concerned family members were given either community-reinforcement counseling or a traditional(More)
PURPOSE Reports of the use of whole-exome sequencing in clinical practice are limited. We report our experience with whole-exome sequencing in 115 patients in a single center and evaluate its feasibility and clinical usefulness in clinical care. METHODS Whole-exome sequencing was utilized based on the judgment of three clinical geneticists. We describe(More)
A difficulty in the treatment of alcoholism is that many alcoholics referred to treatment programs never reach the referral destination, or if they do, they seldom remain involved in those programs. The present study attempted to increase participation in Alcoholics Anonymous and Al-Anon meetings. Twenty clients were selected from an outpatient mental(More)
Although PNI is a relatively new field, basic research has demonstrated the interconnectedness of immune and neurological systems, alerting nurses to the need to conduct multisystem assessments and provide holistic nursing care to persons with AIDS. Although the burden of research does not support the notion that the mind can cure AIDS, preliminary studies(More)
The Neurobehavioral Rating Scale (NRS) has been used in the rapid bedside assessment of closed head-injured and stroke patients in the past and has been found to be highly predictive of long-term outlook. The NRS consists of 27 items in a Likert-type scale and measures cognition and behavioral parameters of brain disease. The NRS was administered to nine(More)
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