Rebecca S Purvis

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BACKGROUND Cutaneous or subcutaneous endometriosis is a rare entity that should be suspected in any female presenting with cyclic pain emanating from a mass in the vicinity of an abdominal surgical scar or the umbilicus. OBJECTIVE The purpose of this report is to examine the diagnostic procedures for endometriosis and to review the therapeutic value of(More)
The vascular and neural responses to transient hypoxia in the rat hippocampal slice were studied. Neural hyperexcitability produced by tissue hypoxia was associated with localized decreases in the diameter of precapillary arterioles. Vasoconstriction occurred periodically along the length of vessels observed. The mean percent decrease in vessel diameter in(More)
An outbreak of scabies in 12 persons, after contact with a hospitalized patient with lindane-resistant Norwegian scabies, is described. Resistance to treatment was documented in 7 of 10 patients treated with lindane. Of these, one responded to crotamiton 10% cream, and the remaining six were cured by a single treatment with permethrin 5% cream.
Abuse of methamphetamine (METH) is a major and significant societal problem in the US, as a number of studies have suggested that METH is associated with increased cerebrovascular events, hemorrhage or vasospasm. Although cellular and molecular mechanisms involved in METH-induced toxicity are not completely understood, changes in brain O₂ may play an(More)
Arthritis is a rare manifestation of systemic sporotrichosis. A patient who had sporotrichal arthritis of both wrists and elbows is described. Predisposing factors included alcoholism, rose gardening, and antecedent trauma. The onset of the arthritis was insidious, and the diagnosis was made 2 1/2 years after his first symptoms were noted. Treatment with(More)
The cerebro-hepato-renal syndrome of Zellweger is an autosomal recessive inborn error of metabolism. Clinically the disease is characterised by craniofacial malformations, a lack of muscle tone, disturbances in liver function, renal cysts and mental retardation. The disease is characterised biochemically by the absence of peroxisomes (microbodies) in liver(More)
Traditional tumor imaging with biotracer techniques relies solely on the target specificity of the biomolecule. We hypothesize that specific imaging is possible by altering the rate of tissue clearance (both normal and aberrant) of any given radiotracer. Pokeweed mitogen (PWM) as a biomodulator, represents a class of molecules which regulate cellular(More)
The status epilepticus (SE) induced in rats by lithium-pilocarpine (Li-pilo) shares many common features with soman-induced SE including a glutamatergic phase that is inhibited by NMDA antagonists. The present study determined whether 1-aminocyclopropanecarboxylic acid (ACPC) or D-cycloserine (DCS), both partial agonists of the strychnine-insensitive(More)