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Caplan, N, Rogers, R, Parr, MK, and Hayes, PR. The effect of proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation and static stretch training on running mechanics. J Strength Cond Res 23(4): 1175-1180, 2009-There is a long-standing belief that increased range of movement (RoM) at the hip or knee will improve running mechanics; however, few studies have examined the(More)
The APOBEC3 family of cytidine deaminases mutate the cancer genome in a range of cancer types. Although many studies have documented the downstream effects of APOBEC3 activity through next-generation sequencing, less is known about their upstream regulation. In this study, we sought to identify a molecular basis for APOBEC3 expression and activation. HER2(More)
Vinyl chloride (VC) is a known human carcinogen and common groundwater contaminant. Reductive dechlorination of VC to non-toxic ethene under anaerobic conditions has been demonstrated at numerous hazardous waste sites. However, VC disappearance without stoichiometric production of ethene has also been observed at some sites and in microcosms. In this study(More)
  • F J D Terwilliger, T S Haghighi, H H Hiekkalinna, Goring, Opin, Genet +9 others
  • 2005
be consistently associated with specific DNA sequence motifs (17). These comparisons suggest a number of potentially useful studies. Although technically challenging, it may prove fruitful to examine regional variation in chro-matin accessibility in mammalian meiotic cells. How does this affect the action of recombination-related proteins such as Spo11? In(More)
Multiple forms of evidence: 1 Rebecca Rogers and Virginia Goatley are researchers with the Center on English Learning & Achievement (CELA). Dedicated to improving the teaching and learning of English and the language arts, CELA provides information about how to best develop the literacy skills that will heighten student achievement in the content areas, as(More)
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