Rebecca R. Carter

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BACKGROUND Ovarian cancer is the most lethal gynecologic disease in the United States, with more women dying from this cancer than all gynecological cancers combined. Ovarian cancer has been termed the "silent killer" because some patients do not show clear symptoms at an early stage. Currently, there is a lack of approved and effective early diagnostic(More)
Ovarian cancer (OvCa) is the most lethal gynecologic disease in the United States, with an overall 5-year survival rate of 44.5%, about half of the 89.2% for all breast cancer patients. To identify factors that possibly contribute to the long-term survivorship of women with OvCa, we conducted a comprehensive online Ovarian Cancer Survivorship Survey from(More)
BACKGROUND To support the role of nurses as active proponents of antimicrobial stewardship in long-term care facilities, we developed an educational intervention consisting of a free online course comprised of 6 interactive modules. Here, we report the effect of the course on the knowledge, beliefs, and attitudes toward antimicrobial stewardship of nurses(More)
OBJECTIVES To identify features of community nursing home (NH) environments associated with lower rates of overall antibiotic use. DESIGN This pilot study used an explanatory sequential design that incorporated comparative feedback about antibiotic use to inform a discussion about antimicrobial stewardship practices in community NHs. SETTING NHs. (More)
STUDY AIM Stereophotogrammetric digital imaging enables rapid and accurate detailed 3D wound monitoring. This rich data source was used to develop a statistically validated model to provide personalized predictive healing information for chronic wounds. MATERIALS 147 valid wound images were obtained from a sample of 13 category III/IV pressure ulcers from(More)
BACKGROUND Numerous consumer health information websites have been developed to provide consumers access to health information. However, lookup search is insufficient for consumers to take full advantage of these rich public information resources. Exploratory search is considered a promising complementary mechanism, but its efficacy has never before been(More)
Background.  Little is known about the American public's perceptions or knowledge about antibiotic-resistant bacteria or antibiotic misuse. We hypothesized that although many people recognize antibiotic resistance as a problem, they may not understand the relationship between antibiotic consumption and selection of resistant bacteria. Methods.  We developed(More)
People living with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) should receive pneumococcal vaccinations as part of their routine health maintenance. Our goal was to create a "virtual clinic" to help increase rates of pneumococcal vaccination among people living with HIV without adding substantially to the workload of primary providers. We used administrative(More)
The purpose of this study is to explore narcissistic and prosocial behaviors as reported by adolescents with and without substance dependency disorder (SDD). This study employs a quasi-experimental design using SDD adolescents compared with two normative samples of adolescents. In comparison to normative adolescents, adolescents with SDD were strongly(More)
We developed a "virtual clinic" to improve pneumococcal vaccination among asplenic adults. Using an electronic medical record, we identified patients, assessed their vaccination status, entered orders, and notified patients and providers. Within 180 days, 38 of 76 patients (50%) received a pneumococcal vaccination. A virtual clinic may optimize vaccinations(More)
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