Rebecca R Cannom

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PURPOSE Many patients with acute diverticulitis can be managed as outpatients, but the success rate of this approach has not been thoroughly studied. We analyzed a large cohort of patients treated on an outpatient basis for an initial episode of acute diverticulitis to test our hypothesis that outpatient treatment of acute diverticulitis is highly(More)
The treatment costs for patients in the United States with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) exceed 1.7 billion dollars/year. Infliximab, an antibody to tumor necrosis factor-alpha has been extensively used to treat IBD, with 390,000 IBD patients receiving the drug since its FDA approval in 1998. We sought to determine the impact of infliximab on(More)
BACKGROUND The clinical course of diverticular disease in immunosuppressed patients is widely believed to be more severe than in the general population. In this study we systematically reviewed the literature regarding the epidemiology and clinical course of diverticulitis in immunosuppressed patients. Our goal was to develop recommendations regarding the(More)
AIM Current recommendations regarding the triage of patients with acute diverticulitis for inpatient or outpatient treatment are vague. We hypothesized that a significant number of patients treated as an inpatient could be managed as an outpatient. METHOD A retrospective cohort study was carried out of 639 patients admitted for a first episode of(More)
PURPOSE In choosing the appropriate surgical option for patients with colon cancer and Lynch syndrome, goals of treatment are to maximize life expectancy while preserving quality of life. This study constructs a decision model that encompasses these two related considerations. METHODS We constructed a state-transition (Markov) model based on assumptions(More)
Colonic diverticular disease is responsible for over 300,000 admissions and expenditures exceeding $2.7 billion/year. There is recent evidence that rates of treatment for diverticulitis have increased in the United States over the last decade. We hypothesize that these national trends of increasing rates of hospitalizations for diverticulitis would be found(More)
PURPOSE The surgical workforce within the United States is moving rapidly toward increasing subspecialization. We hypothesized that over time an increasing proportion of colorectal procedures is performed by subspecialty-trained colorectal surgeons. METHODS We used data from the Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results-Medicare program to examine the(More)
Opioid-induced constipation is a significant problem particularly for end stage cancer patients, methadone users, patients suffering from chronic pain as well as surgical patients. Until recently, there were few efficacious treatment options that did not have significant side effects. Methylnaltrexone is a promising drug for the treatment of opioid-induced(More)
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