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The fluorescence histochemical method for catecholamines shows differences in both innervation density and fluorescence intensity between sympathetic nerve terminals in different organs. Quantitative electron microscopy shows differences in vesicle density in varicosities of nerve terminals in heart, spleen and vas deferens of the rat. The electron-dense(More)
Transmural electrical stimulation and exposure to incubation media where some or all of the Na+ had been replaced with K+ were used to elicit transmitter release. Changes in noradrenaline content and ultrastructure of the nerve terminal varicosities in rat vas deferens were measured. Electrical stimulation in the presence of 4-aminopyridine had little(More)
BACKGROUND In minimally invasive surgery, there is increased reliance on real-time 2-dimensional images. The fibre-optic light lead is one of the most frequently damaged elements of the 'imaging chain', leading to a poor quality picture. METHODS Light leads with a honeycomb projection were connected to a light source and the resulting beam directed at a(More)
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