Rebecca Parsons

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BACKGROUND Suicide prevention is a health service priority. Suicide risk may be greatest during psychiatric in-patient admission and following discharge. AIMS To describe the social and clinical characteristics of a comprehensive sample of in-patient and post-discharge cases of suicide. METHOD A national clinical survey based on a 4-year (1996-2000)(More)
OBJECTIVE Few studies have described rates of schizophrenia in a national sample of homicide perpetrators. This study aimed to describe this group's social and clinical characteristics, mental state features, offense details, and outcome in court. METHOD Analyses used a national clinical survey that collected data on people convicted of homicide in(More)
Synoptic Abstract Experimental design and response surface methodology is applied to tuning the parameters of an optimization program employing genetic algorithms. Attention is directed to the combinatorially challenging DNA sequence assembly problem. Fine tuning of a 10K size test problem leads to a considerably improved solution to a 35K problem of(More)
1. Plasma levels of propranolol and practolol were measured in groups of elderly and young subjects, after the oral administration of propranolol (40 mg) and practolol (200 mg) on separate occasions. 2. At all sampling times the mean plasma propranolol level in the group of elderly subjects was substantially greater than the corresponding level in the group(More)
BACKGROUND Suicide prevention is a health service priority but the most effective approaches to prevention may differ between different patient groups. AIMS To describe social and clinical characteristics in cases of suicide from different age and diagnostic groups. METHOD A national clinical survey of a 4-year (1996-2000) sample of cases of suicide in(More)
The concurrent administration of levodopa with a decarboxylase inhibitor produced a plasma concentration/time curve comparable with 1/4 to 1/5 of the dose of levodopa given alone. There was no evidence to suggest that the decarboxylase inhibitor slowed the rate of elimination of levodopa from plasma. Metoclopramide (Maxolon) increased the rate of levodopa(More)
BACKGROUND Previous studies of people convicted of homicide have used different definitions of mental disorder. AIMS To estimate the rate of mental disorder in people convicted of homicide; to examine the relationship between definitions, verdict and outcome in court. METHOD A national clinical survey of people convicted of homicide (n=1594) in England(More)
This study evaluated the relationships of emotional self-efficacy, stressful life events, and social support with mood disturbance among women diagnosed with breast cancer who live in rural communities. Eighty-two women completed measures of demographic characteristics, medical status, and psychosocial variables. Using multiple regression analysis, we found(More)
BACKGROUND Most previous investigations of imitative suicide have reported suicide clustering in the general population, either temporal clustering following media reporting of suicide or case studies of geographically localised clusters. AIMS To determine whether space - time and space-time-method clustering occur in a national case register of those who(More)