Rebecca O'Donoghue

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In Ireland, several studies have monitored the air pollution due to traffic in both urban and rural environments. However, few studies have attempted to quantify the relative exposure to traffic derived HC pollutants between different modes of commuter transport. In this study, the difference in pollution exposure between bus and cycling commuters on a(More)
A 5 week monitoring campaign was carried out in Dublin City centre, to establish which site gave a more accurate background city centre estimation: a roof-top or green field site. This background represented a conservative estimate of HC exposure in Dublin City centre, useful for quantifying health effects related to this form of pollution and also for(More)
Approximately 8 months of C(2)-C(8) online-sampling of hydrocarbons was carried out in the vicinity of a sub-urban Motorway in Ireland. A comprehensive description of air quality monitoring adjacent to the M4 at Leixlip in Ireland is presented where the primary objective was to ascertain the local and regional C(2)-C(8) hydrocarbon emissions in the vicinity(More)
In this position paper we describe how mutation testing can be used to evaluate the quality of test suites from a security viewpoint. Our focus is on measuring the quality of the test suite associated with the Java Development Kit (JDK) because it provides the core security properties for all applications. We describe the challenges associated with(More)
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