Rebecca O’Connell

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Life expectancy for people diagnosed with HIV has improved dramatically however the number of new infections in the UK remains high. Understanding patterns of sexual behaviour among people living with diagnosed HIV, and the factors associated with having condom-less sex, is important for informing HIV prevention strategies and clinical care. In addition, in(More)
The free energy of a quantum oscillator in an arbitrary heat bath at temperature T is given by a ''remarkable formula'' which involves only a single integral. This leads to a corresponding simple result for the entropy. The low-temperature limit is examined in detail and explicit results are obtained both for the case of an Ohmic heat bath and a radiation(More)
A localized free particle is represented by a wave packet and its motion is discussed in most quantum mechanics textbooks. Implicit in these discussions is the assumption of zero temperature. We discuss how the effects of finite temperature and squeezing can be incorporated in an elementary manner. The results show how the introduction of simple tools and(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine the prevalence and correlates of alcohol dependence disorders in persons receiving treatment for HIV and Tuberculosis (TB) at 16 Primary Health Care centres (PHC) across Zambia. METHODS 649 adult patients receiving treatment for HIV and/or TB at PHCs in Zambia (363 males, 286 females) were recruited between 1st December 2009 and(More)
In contrast to classical physics, the language of quantum mechanics involves operators and wave functions (or, more generally, density operators). However, in 1932, Wigner formulated quantum mechanics in terms of a distribution function W (q, p), the marginals of which yield the correct quantum probabilities for q and p separately [1]. Its usefulness stems(More)
As mobile devices become less expensive and continue to evolve in terms of their features, interfaces, portability, context-awareness, and bandwidth, they will become immersed in our professional and social worlds. The lines between mobile and non-mobile technologies will blur, just as the lines between various mobile devices are currently blurring. The(More)
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