Rebecca Novello

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Aim of this tutorial is to provide an overview on band-pass sampling approach for on-board processing applications. The paper will focus on the I/Q sampling of bandpass signals and their downconversion. The image problem and two methods for its rejection is presented.
In the coevolution of plants and herbivores, plants must balance energy among growth, reproduction, and defense. The mutualism between the bullhorn acacia tree, Acacia collinsii, and its protective ant, Pseudomyrmex spinicola, provides a useful model to examine plant investment in defense systems. Given the acacia's significant energetic input in producing(More)
BACKGROUND Causes of permanent work disability in the sheet metal industry are not well characterized. METHODS Pension records were used to compare causes of disability among sheet metal workers and the U.S. working population. Subgroup analysis examined the major causes of sheet metal worker disability. RESULTS Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs),(More)
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