Rebecca Neubert

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Supraglottic activity was rated from flexible endoscopic video recordings of subjects with normal laryngeal structure and function as they sustained vowels and repeated syllables and sentences. Judges rated these recordings for false vocal fold (FVF) adduction and anterior-to-posterior (A-P) compression at the initiation of the speech task, throughout the(More)
BACKGROUND Diffractive multifocals belong to the first generation of multifocal intraocular lenses. Dure to their optical principle of diffraction multifocals separate the incoming light on two foci (41%) with 18% loss of scattered light. Therefore, reduced contrast sensitivity and glare have been frequently described with this lens. PATIENTS AND METHODS(More)
Hintergrund. Bei diffraktiven MIOL wurden häufig reduziertes Kontrastsehvermögen sowie eine erhöhte Blendempfindlichkeit beschrieben. Patienten und Methoden. Es wurden 42 Augen von 25 Patienten 3 Jahre nach Implantation einer Pharmacia-811E-diffraktiven Multifokallinse untersucht. Geprüft wurden die funktionellen Visusbefunde, das Kontrastsehvermögen und(More)
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