Rebecca N. Jerome

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BACKGROUND The open abdomen technique, after both military and civilian trauma, emergency general or vascular surgery, has been used in some form for the past 30 years. There have been several hundred citations on the indications and the management of the open abdomen. Eastern Association for the Surgery of Trauma practice management committee convened a(More)
OBJECTIVES The Vanderbilt Evidence-based Practice Center systematically reviewed evidence on treatment of overactive bladder (OAB), urge urinary incontinence, and related symptoms. We focused on prevalence and incidence, treatment outcomes, comparisons of treatments, modifiers of outcomes, and costs. DATA We searched PubMed, MEDLINE, EMBASE, and CINAHL.(More)
CONTEXT As many as 1 in every 110 children in the United States has an autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Many medical treatments for ASDs have been proposed and studied, but there is currently no consensus regarding which interventions are most effective. OBJECTIVE To systematically review evidence regarding medical treatments for children aged 12 years and(More)
OBJECTIVES To examine the types of questions received by Clinical Informatics Consult Service (CICS) librarians from clinicians on rounds and to analyze the number of clearly differentiated viewpoints provided in response. DESIGN Questions were retrieved from an internal database, the CICS Knowledge Base, and analyzed for redundancy by subject analysis.(More)
OBJECTIVE The research evaluated strategies for facilitating physician adoption of an evidence-based medicine literature request feature recently integrated into an existing electronic medical record (EMR) system. METHODS This prospective study explored use of the service by 137 primary care physicians by using service usage statistics and focus group and(More)
Progestogen has been investigated as a preventive intervention among women with increased preterm birth risk. Our objective was to systematically review the effectiveness of intramuscular (IM), vaginal, and oral progestogens for preterm birth and neonatal death prevention. We included articles published from January 1966 to January 2013 and found 27(More)
BACKGROUND Fractures to the thoracolumbar spine (TLS) commonly occur because of major trauma mechanisms. In one series, 4.4% of all patients arriving at a Level I trauma center were diagnosed as having TLS fracture. Approximately 19% to 50% of these fractures in the TLS region will be associated with neurologic damage to the spinal cord. To date there are(More)
Although the need and benefit of prehospital interventions has been controversial for quite some time, an increasing amount of evidence has stirred both sides into more frequent debate. Proponents of the traditional "scoop-and-run" technique argue that this approach allows a more timely transfer to definitive care facilities and limits unnecessary (and(More)
OBJECTIVE We systematically reviewed the effectiveness of progestogens for prevention of preterm birth among women with prior spontaneous preterm birth, multiple gestations, preterm labor, short cervix, or other indications. DATA SOURCES We searched MEDLINE and EMBASE databases for English language articles published from January 1966 to October 2011. (More)