Rebecca Morse

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Smith-Magenis syndrome (SMS; OMIM 182290) is a neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by a well-defined pattern of anomalies. The majority of cases are due to a common deletion in chromosome 17p11.2 that includes the RAI1 gene. In children with SMS, autistic-like behaviors and symptoms start to emerge around 18 months of age. This study included 26(More)
The aim of this review was to evaluate the effect of treatment and illness-related factors on neuropsychological functioning in women treated for breast cancer. Eight studies were identified examining neuropsychological test performance following systemic treatment. Six of the eight studies suggest that neuropsychological functioning may be impaired(More)
Smith-Magenis syndrome (SMS) is a complex genetic syndrome caused by an interstitial deletion of chromosome 17p11.2. Children and adults with SMS appear to have unique neurobehavioral problems that include: sleep disturbance, self-injurious and maladaptive behaviors, stereotypies, and sensory integration disorders. We gathered retrospective psychotropic use(More)
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